Sep 25, 2011

with Deans!

My last stay in California, I was able to spet time Dean family.
I met them in Okinawa and actually when I was in states last time, I stayed with them.

The reason I stayed with them this timing was to attend Suzie' (Regina's sister) wedding. She is wonderful lady who loves the Lord. She met her (now) husband at Bible College. (Bridal College remains!! haha) 
It was so beautiful and glorifying wedding. They truly showed the marriage was by the Grace of God. They were great witness for Christ.
Sue and her dad Michael
Regina and Claire
Beautiful Couple
worshiping Jesus as a couple/one

With Rizzi family
with Dean family

One of the memory I had there was the conversation with Josh at one night......
Josh, he is so intellectual guy. It was so funny.
He found out my major is International Relations with emphasis on U.S..
So he would ask me many questions on U.S. politics. But, on the contrary, I really do not like talk about politics with others. (if it's not in class or just for joke or something not deep) So, I kept saying "Ok, this is it. We need to stop this conversation!!", but he insisted asking and talking about it!!
well, well, now it has become a good memory but at the time, it was funny but very nasty at same time. haha

I think Regina had hard time reading me. I was getting used to American sarcasm. So I was being little sarcastic time to time, but she couldn't tell if I was serious or not!!! Sorry Gina!!
I thought it was very funny though...

I love seeing their kids growing up too. Jeremiah was still baby when I saw him last time. Now he talks!! I really enjoyed playing with Jer and Claire the Smarty!!

I truly miss them, but know I will see them again.

God bless you!!

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