Sep 17, 2011

SanDiego with Gaines

So, it is always hard to say goodbye....
I said goodbye to Cook family and headed to SanDiego.

There, in SD, I stayed long friend of mine, Gaines family.
I actually had privilege of serving Jr.High ministry with them in Okinawa.
I remember playing guitar with the oldest, Christian. He name our band "Holy Fire Band". (because all we played was "holy fire") He was so adorable!!


So, I walked into the house and met Christian. He first said, "So, now I have to call you Mr.Yasutomo ?"
I was like "NOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!"(in my mind)
I kindly said, "you are my friend, call me Yasutomo as you did in the past!!"
Luke the younger son was all grown up. and I first met their youngest Hannah as well.

They are the one, I think, who took my word most seriously when I said "I'm here to hang out with you!" haha
Though we didn't do much, but it was so relaxing time.
Of course, Steve took me super cool burger place in downtown. We went on hiking and went to Rancho.
I went to Christian and Luke' baseball game too!! Luke was so cute in his playing, Christian was actually really good batter!!
              downtown SanDiego                        Luk and Christian after the games
The best part of the SD was Wednesday night when Steve took me to Horizon Chapel, Adoration with Evan Wickham.
He is all time one of my favorite teacher/worship leader.
He taught on Acts 12. It was super good!!! I was just absorbing the truth.
We had extended time of worship as well which was extraordinarily good!!

with Evan Wickham

I haven't mentioned his wonderful wife, Tiffany. She fed me super nice foods.
She is more like my good friend than sister or aunt. haha
We actually had fun playing sarcasm that I have acquired in states.

As I spent time with them. I saw their heart for Okinawa, Japan.
I really pray that they would one day come to Okinawa as missionary.
But God always has His best. This is just my hope ;)
with Steve and Tiff

Funny thing is I leave for Okinawa this morning and Steve is already in Okinawa for his job. Hahaha
I said goodbye to them with teary eyes, but I'm seeing him again this soon.

But, I truly miss all the Gains family!!
Thank you so much!!

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