Sep 12, 2011


CALIFORNIA was the next destination after England.
I was picked up by Iha family at LAX. Iha family is my mom's side relatives.
And our fist stop was "IN-N-OUT"!! What a place to start my California bound!!

They've been to Okinawa number of times. But last time they were there, my family spent whole day with them and got to know them well. The last time I was in California, I couldn't see them, so it was so much blessing to finally see them this time.

They live in Garden Grove, OC. So I saw the fireworks of Disney from the house, which I thought super COOL!!!

Ivett, their mom, was so kind and care for the family a lot like Okinawan. She would tell me "You are my family, so this is your house." and made me feel really comfortable.
Alex and Hiromimaire were super fun to hang out with. They had to work but they did a lot to help me while I was there. They taught me many American cultures as well. haha
Kazuo-san, took days off from work for me and drove me to places. He is very kind man. I was able to share my faith with him too. I was so grateful.

The highlight was absolutely "Cheesecake Factory"!!! I adore cheesecake!! To me, the fact that I could cheese from 30 cheesecakes was as if I was in heaven. haha 

Thank you so much, Iha family!!!

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