Sep 29, 2010

MY Sweet home Okinawa Part2

I had my students of seminar coming for our annual camp in Okinawa!!
It was very nice time, giving them a tour and having lots of conversations with friends and my professar.

Giving them a tour had me realize that I still don't know about Okinawa much.
I need to learn more about my home so that I'll be able to tell how awesome the place is!!

I basically  took this chance to give myself a time to do sightseeing as well.
So we went to many famous sightseeing places and did photo shooting.

at Sunset Beach

My grandma told us her experience in Okinawa battle during WW2

at KingTaco

Please Pray for me as I keep minister those friends of mine that God will give me compassion towards them and my heart will be always on His mission.

Sep 28, 2010

MY Sweet home Okinawa Part1 

So I was back in Okinawa, small island located in very south of Japan. 
Many of you might know, but I was born and grew up there until I moved to Tokyo for college.
But, I have to say my "home" still remains to be Okinawa. I look forward to going back home every time!!!

I usually stay there about a month during summer but this time, in regard with my work, study and other things, I was able to stay there for about two weeks.
I was little disappointed to know that at first. 
But God is always beyond my expectations.  He had blessed my stay so much. Maybe it was the best one in past two years.
I was blessed time with my family and friends and ministry opportunity at my old fellowship(though always new in many ways) Calvary Chapel Okinawa.

So there are so many things I want to share but it will take forever. So I decided to do introduce what I did and what God blessed me with with pictures and short explanation. Hope you'll like it. 

 I was first blessed with the opportunity to share a small devotion at Japanese Prayer Meeting which good friend of mine, Roy Toma leads. I remember last summer I was here he was praying about starting this meeting and I was so blessed to see it . I was praying that Japanese fellowship at CCO will grow strong. God is certainly at work!!!

First Sunday there I was given the opportunity to teach Highschool group. I taught from story of Enoch. I think it was sharing my heart rather than teaching them. 
I once was in the group and some of the high school students there were ones I knew from my Jr.High ministry I was involved when I was in high school.  
I am so thankful for Kevin who is current Youth Leader, one of my dear friend. He is so awesome teacher and leader.  I am so excited to see them next time.

Sunday afternoon we had monthly Japanese Fellowship Lunch. We had lunch together and had special time to talk about "Obon" which is Okinawan religious activity, worshipping ancestors. I was interpreting for Pastor Rick who led the discussion.  


We had baptism after the lunch fellowship. 
One of the benefit of living in small island is that you can get to beaches so easily. 

I'll stop here.
Look forward to next post!!!

Sep 8, 2010

so far.......

My school starts in Oct., so I have already spent more than half of my summer break.

It has been awesome, both in regarding with spiritually and leisurely.

One of the highlight is my trip to the west by trains.
I was long slow trip, but met so many friends.
I stayed at my friend's houses which is totally blessing.
 self shot at Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto
 on my lonely train ride
with Forbes in Osaka

What I really liked about the trip is that meeting good friends of mine whom I know for quite a long time.
The family in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi, that I have known since I was in Jr.High school. I haven't seen them for long time. They have been ministring there for five years.
I have wanted to visit there for a while and finally the door was opened!!

The couple in Osaka who is one of my dear friend, is working for Franklin Graham Festival. The husband was one of the stuff of the church I used to go when I was in Okinawa.
Every time I see him, he blesses me and encourages me so much!!
Of course this time too.

The other couple whom I fellowshipped in Tokyo, now moved there and planing to plant a church. They opened their house to me to stay despite of my sudden call I made the day before I got there.

They are so awesome!!
I love them so much.

I love how God brings people into my life and keep our relationship.
Though we are far from each other, there are times God brings us together and encourages us!!

Thank you Lord for the brothers and sisters in Christ.