Feb 29, 2012

day 4 : more work

here is our day 4 was like.

We went to Arahama area, Sendai and shore Ishinomaki.
Roy and Rick gave us some explanation about Tsunami and earthquakes.
It was very hard to believe that it has been almost one year since the disaster took place. 
Yes, we've seen much progress and changes but there are so much more to be done. "What can I do??" I asked myself. I felt helpless. I was reminded later at night that all I can do is to be hands and feet of Jesus, going wherever He sends us.
So here we are now, standing in the place that is still in the process of restoration physically and desperately needs spiritual one. We continued sharing the love and hope of God today.

Arahama area

From coast of Ishinomaki

We went back to cafe today as well. We worked one 2nd floor and did some cleaning and bouilt bikes. These guys were amazing. We didn't have much time to work but they did so much during the limited time!!!

At night, we had mini concert again. We were able to meet some new people and also people from previous concert and last night as well.  It was again blessed night of music and worship. We talked a lot and got to know the people more. 

Please keep the team and people in Ishinomaki in your prayer

Feb 28, 2012

mini concerts

As I posted last time, we had plan of mini-miniconcert at cafe in Ishinomaki.

It was scheduled in evening, but we had billboard bus for Hope of Celebration afternoon. So we went to a few places to advertise the crusade and night's concert.
We tried one place but got turned off. But God had His way, other door was opened up. So we ended up doing in two convenience stores and near the station.


Then, we came back to cafe and had mini-concert. At 6:30 that is the time to start, no one was there. I was worried, but one couple came and more people came in.
I was just blown away to see people coming. Moreover they came by seeing flyers we passed out here and there.

Matt and Mike played nice music and others talked and serve people.

So, it was just another blessed day.
To God alone be the glory.

Feb 26, 2012

Sunday Service

Today is Sunday...........    So.... that means Sunday Service!!!!

At J's Cafe ("J" stands for Jesus), they have been holding Sunday Service for a month. Today, Matt shared from Acts9.

I was privileged to be a interpretor for Matt. He gave really good message and it spoke a lot to me. He shared how we can learn from Saul's conversion/repentance. Turning our lives 180degree, and 170 is not enough!

Today we had many local people more than any other Sundays. About 10 people worshipped Jesus with us!! This was such a God's miracle!

After that, we went to PR concert for Celebration of Hope that is taking place this next weekend.

We went back to cafe again and passed out flyers for tomorrow's mini-concert at cafe in neighbors.

Please keep our concert in your prayer.

Thank you!

So the venture begins...

So the team from Virginia and NewJersey arrived today.
I met them at Narita airport, then took train and shinkansen to Sendai.
Roy and Nancy Toma picked us up at Sendai station.

We have service at J's Cafe tomorrow. Matt is teaching, I'm interpreting.
So, I'm working on the notes now.......
Please keep us in your prayer that God's glory will be revealed.




Feb 24, 2012

Hanging out with CCWT boys

Yesterday, I was finally able to hang out Yoshiya and Tatsuhiko from CC WestTokyo.
I have known them long but hadn't gotten a chance to hang out.

Tatsuhiko just came back the day before from Okinawa after studying one year at local college, and moreover it was his birthday!! So it was very cool that it all worked out.

We had lunch and played bowling and grabbed a couple of coffee talking many things.
It was so good to hear what God is doing in their lives. They love Jesus and have great hearts to serve Him.

It was so refreshing and encouraging time. I am so excited to see how God will use these guys. Thank you so much for this friendship!!

Feb 11, 2012

Language Part2

I guess my English level was very high, especially in conversational level and in comparison with other students at school. I was starting to get a good grades and actually made it top five.
But my desire to develop and improve my linguistic skill did not cease.
I think it was because of my competitiveness.

I was given a chance to go to California, U.S. when I was in ninth grade.
I was very excited to use my English there. But I have to say it ended up in dismay relatively.
I was with people who go to international school who were bilingual.
It was very hard time because I was the only non-fluent man in the group, and people we met assumed that I too can speak fluently.
Moreover, I had hard time doing ordinary things such as ordering meals and shopping.

But, all those hard experiences motivated me to learn more diligently.
Because I did not want the experience like that anymore!!

Along the line, I also realized that it is not all about speaking English.
Some people today I see, they have good passion to learn English but it does not go farther than that.
Time in states taught me that English is merely a language for me to carry my thoughts to others and to communicate.

I knew that what I want to do is not to be linguist nor professional translator or interpreter. 
So, I started putting efforts in other classes.
The result was that I was able to raise my grades and passed the one of the most difficult entrance exam in Japan. 

Today, I still study English. But, it is merely a mean to convey my thoughts and understand others, ultimately all for God's Glory. 

It was definitely God Who led me to where I am now. 
It was only God Who could enabled me to enter and graduate this university.
It was totally God Who provided me with new job in Okinawa.
It should always be God Whom I need to seek future direction.

To God Alone Be the Glory 

ps: Because of such experience, I have a great respect to missionaries who diligently learn Japanese, or local languages. I feel very especially to see people like that.

Feb 7, 2012

Language Part1

It's already "de facto" that I can use both language, Japanese and English. (Though I recognize that I still need improve in both.)

How I became so-called bilingual is good testimony of God's work in my life. So I thought it be nice to share here.

It traces back to my first year in Middle School. 
The year, my mom started going to Calvary Chapel, which was totally new in Okinawa. We used to go to international church prior to that too, but as baseball kid I wasn't really connected to the church.
Upon entering middle school, I joined Tennis club. I wanted some thing new in my sports life. 
But much to my surprise, due to the courts construction, the activities were suspended for the whole year!!! So, we couldn't have much club activity which usually involves much of weekend. 
Then, I started going to church with my family, of course, reluctantly.

Unlike, former church, that Calvary Chapel had many American attendance. Well, I didn't lik church and that really increased my dislikes. 
I had all grumpy looks and not good youth kid who didn't bring his bible on Sundays. (On the contrary, my sister would bring every week.)
So, it would've been very reasonable that leaders gave up on me.
But they did not.
There was a guy named Tim, who is from California and was helping te church. He was in charge of small youth group, probably of 5 or 6 kiks when I first started going.
He wasn't able to speak Japanese, but there were a few kids who could speak both. So, I was listening the messages through their interpretation.
Although, Tim couldn't speak much Japanese, he and other missionaries would try to talk to me which I, at the time, thought very annoying.
Yet, he didn't stop talking to me week after week. And little by little my wall was being brought down. 
I was getting interested in him and people there who are so kind to me.
And I thought "if I want to understand them, I need to know English !!"

By the way, my English level at the time was literally horrible. I was around 150th of 180 students on tests. This says it all.

But, I started putting much effort in studying English. I think now I was thinking I can be cool if I could talk to Americans too. haha, funny.
Tim also had very strong desire to learn Japanese. He would sit in Japanese Bible study, and take notes of the words. It was very impressive to me.
Tim and I would hang out a lot. We would play tennis and talked about Bible, teaching language each other.

It was very fruitful time. I was getting solid discipleship.
It wasn't something like using text, or taking 12 steps of course. But it was more like, fellowship based discipleship. We hung out, I observed how he acts and speaks. He shared scriptures and encouraged me to read Bible everyday.

As I grew in the Word, I grew as a Christian. 
I was Christian for long time, but I wasn't serious about God and His church. But He took hold of my life. Now I was starting to grow and walk in Him.

My English was improved much. I was able to have minimum conversation in English. The more I practice my English, the more confidence I gained and I wasn't afraid of speaking in English.


Feb 5, 2012

Bible Study at dorm

Last two weeks, I was able to hold Bible Study at dorm.
I named it "The Essence of the Gospel". This is from 1Corinthians 15:3-6.
For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures, and that He was seen by Cephas, then by the twelve. After that He was seen by over five hundred brethren at once, of whom the greater part remain to the present, but some have fallen asleep. 
It is really evangelistic Bible study, since I am focusing on my non-believing friends at dorm.
So, first we looked at our "nature of sin", then second time I shared about "Jesus's cross and death".

I didn't know whom to expect to come. But God is good, few people actually came and heard the gospel!!

I really liked Part2, "death of Christ" because it seemed that the it got them think much deeper about their life and death.
I shared that because of what Christ went through and Who He is, I can be free. Free from endless endeavor to be someone, strong and achieve something big. But in Christ, we can be weak, no-body and  build one's esteem.

Please keep us in your prayer!! Our last study will be on Resurrection and good friend of mine, Zach is going to come and share. So stoked!!

Feb 4, 2012

Final assignment

This is my bachelor thesis. (yes, my university requires for bachelors...)


Yes, this project is finished!!
But one of the comments on FB reminded me of very important thing.
My journey goes on and it's only one chapter of my life.

Am I stretched? Oh, big time!!
Am I excited for new chapter? OH, big time!!
Bring it on!!

Feb 1, 2012

Ramen Lover

One of the things that I'll miss after leaving Tokyo is Good Ramen places!!
As much as I love Okinawa Soba, I do love ramen. So now with such thought, I'm trying to get full advantage of the time left here.
If you have any suggestions, please le t me know!!

Israel and Iran and Politics.......

So, being a political nerd, I try to follow international affairs as closely as possible by reading news and magazine and online sites.
It was introduced to this very interesting and intriguing article on New York Times Magazine, "Will Israel attack Iran?" Strangely you don't see it in Japan, but in global politics, the tension between Israel and Iran is very intense past some years.
Of course, when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and Ahmadinezhad  came into  power, Iran's goal has been to wipe out Israel from the world map.
Now, it is said that Iran is very close to obtain nuclear weapon. IAEA's investigating team has entered the country to do inspections. But not many count it to bring significant result.

The writer predicts that Israel will most likely to attack Iran this year of 2012.
I was talking with my professer today about this, and he said "Having such report on public, now they have to bring the fact into consideration. History is learning the past and find it very little that future can be predicted."

Well, still, upon learning such information, I cannot start thinking that the crisis is at hand, and I am about to witness it.

I don't know if you reading this and think "Politics are for geeks".
Well, maybe it is. But when it comes to Israel, Christians need to know that we need to pray for them and bless them.
So, we shouldn't be utterly ignorant about it.

I encourage you to take time and read the article.
Very profound and well evidenced, I think.

God's on the move in Tokyo!!!

The other day, one of my dearest friend, Zach invited me to CCBC(calvary chapel bible college) Tokyo building dedication.
It was such a blessing to be part of the witness for God's work.

They were able to rent a very nice building which I thought perfect for Bible College ministries. I know that God has great things in store for this.
They now offer two classes weekly basis, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
They also work with Okinawa campus closely.
So now it is almost Calvary Chapel Bible College "Japan". How cool is that!!

Please keep them in your prayer: that God will speak to the attendees as well as to teachers.
I'd also like to ask for local Japanese will come and be part of this.