Sep 17, 2011

One day at beach!!!

oops, I forgot to mention one friend!!!

So while I was staying in LaHabra, I was able to hang out with my friend whom I met first in Okinawa about 6 years(!?!?) ago, Lynsie.
I think she absolutely Love Japan. She has been to Okinawa twice and to Tokyo twice!! That's very crazy.

So, I had seen her at her last three trips. (She came to Japan to help relief in Tohoku while I was in England.)

So when I got in states, I was able to get hold of her and by the grace of God, it actually worked out!!
She took me to Huntington Beach which was one of the coolest beach ever!!
Huntington Beach

She came with her friend Amy, so I got to know her as well.
We had lunch at Ruby's, walked around the main street, went into stores....etc
Hurley Store!
But the best part was bike riding!!!
We rented a big bike which seems for two people, but they put all us thee in it.
So it was kinda small for us, little bit hard to pedal but nice work out, I say.
With Lynsie
With Amy

 Another Best Part is that they took me to their job, PETSMART....... which I thought strangest place ever!! They had suite room that had TV, they had phone for dogs...... apparel for dog.....

At night, we went to midweek Bible Study Calvary Chapel Montebello which Lynsie and her family go to. The church sends mission team to Japan almost every year, and I am so grateful for their support. 

with Pastor Pancho

I was able to see some people I know at CCM as well. And I also got to know her family and her BF. I really love the church, which is so loving and welcoming!!
Lynsie and her bf Derek who works at church.
He was really cool guy!

Thank you Lynsie!! Come Japan again!! lol

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