Feb 29, 2012

day 4 : more work

here is our day 4 was like.

We went to Arahama area, Sendai and shore Ishinomaki.
Roy and Rick gave us some explanation about Tsunami and earthquakes.
It was very hard to believe that it has been almost one year since the disaster took place. 
Yes, we've seen much progress and changes but there are so much more to be done. "What can I do??" I asked myself. I felt helpless. I was reminded later at night that all I can do is to be hands and feet of Jesus, going wherever He sends us.
So here we are now, standing in the place that is still in the process of restoration physically and desperately needs spiritual one. We continued sharing the love and hope of God today.

Arahama area

From coast of Ishinomaki

We went back to cafe today as well. We worked one 2nd floor and did some cleaning and bouilt bikes. These guys were amazing. We didn't have much time to work but they did so much during the limited time!!!

At night, we had mini concert again. We were able to meet some new people and also people from previous concert and last night as well.  It was again blessed night of music and worship. We talked a lot and got to know the people more. 

Please keep the team and people in Ishinomaki in your prayer

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