May 28, 2010

Where do you go when.......

「Big God」という本があります。ブリット・メリックという牧師の書いた本です。



「 僕はどうだろう?本当に追い込まれるまで、神のもとにはなかなかいかないじゃないか!!」と

One of the books I have been reading is called
"Big God" by Britt Merrick, pastor of Reality Carpinteria
Its subtitle is "what happens when we trust Him", so he is telling us what it is like to truly trust Jesus. 
 This passage spoke to me a lot, so I wanted to share this with you guys.
He is writing about how he and his family has been going through ( still now ) difficult time for his daughter' cancer treat ment.
 here he says

"Our mind took a certain rout to Jesus when we first heard the news( that his daughter has stage 3 cancer). We went through the Word of God. Immediately our hearts and our minds were filled with truth we had learned from the Bible, and an understanding of the character of God. Immediately our hearts and our minds were filled with the story of God and how He has proven Himself faithful with His people over and over again, since the beginning of time. Immediately our hearts and minds were filled with the Bible's stories of people just like you and me who faced problems, and placed their little bit of faith in a big God."
I thought "When do I go to God, the Word of God?? Is it when only I face difficult and there is no way to go but to God?"
Pastor Britt was comforted by the Word of God, I think because he had been learning to trust God daily. That is why he was able to go to the Word of God.
I was really convicted by the Spirit.

I think we are daily challenged whether we trust Him or not.
We are always in difficult time; we are in spiritual warfare!!
So, when we face real difficult time like Pastor Britt, how we react is the mere evidence how we are walking daily.

So we, I should be learning to trust Him always. We don't have to wait for the big trail to come.
It is already here!!!

May 19, 2010

Calvary Chapel Japan Conference

Pastor Chuck sent a greeting video!! WE LOVE PASTOR CHUCK!

So here are some pics from the conference.
It was so good one. Many pastors(Lance Cook, Pancho Juarez, David Rosales..etc) from the states came and shared and encouraged us in the Word.
God taught me how church should be and my ministry should be.
I don't have much to share specific things that God spoke to me, but it was more general thing (allow my my poor expression.)
Since then, God has been speaking to me about my future, so I hope to share it some time soon.

Until then, Would you pray for me?
Pray that I will be patient to wait on the Lord and seek His will first.
And I will follow His will and walk in His way.

thank you and God bless

May 9, 2010

Good Food!!!

Many of us went and stayed at conference center night before the conference starts.
( I just went not for really prep but ........jk jk)

As conference starts and we get ready for the good spiritual foods from many great teachers, we needed to be fed physically too!!!

So, as the conference center was happened to be near the costco, we headed there and grabbed some good foods!!!!

We had tons of food and good fellowship.

We had our foods on beds and did potluck style in one room.
We had sushi, pizza, chicken bake, apple pie...etc

Ok, I will save post on Spiritual food for the next.

God bless

The Joy of the Lord

"Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you righteous;
And shout for joy, all you upright in heart!"
Psalm 32:11

I know it has been a while. And I had great conference and many things to share.
But let me start with this post,
Out text for the last week' Bible study I lead at dorm was John2:1-11, famous Wedding at Cana.
We saw Jesus' very first miracle, turning water into wine.
It is so good text to see how powerful Jesus is and that He is God!!!
As I was studying, God really spoke to my heart.
In Bible, wine represents the Joy. Jesus told servants to fill the waterpots with water.
What is interesting is that they had water to fill it up but not wine.

We all have water to fill up our lives. Family, friends, money, music....etc
But, question I asked was this, "Does it bring you everlasting Joy to your heart??"

Only Jesus could turn water into wine.
Only Jesus can bring real Joy into my heart, Only He can turn things that is around me into Joy. So, we need faith to have Jesus at center of my life.
He is the One Who brings everlasting Joy to my life!!

Another point was the the guests didn't know where the wine came from at the time.
So, with Jesus in my heart, He brings joy to my daily life.
The Joy, wine, tasted so good that the mater of the feast was surprised!!

The Joy we have needs to be expressed.
It needs to be tasted by others around us!!!
So that they see and taste the joy and say "Hey, where did you get this thing??"
And that opens up the door to share the testimony you have!!
Let your light shine brightly on this dark world!!

Let the Joy of the Lord be seen by others around you!!

I will post about Calvary Chapel Japan Conference next time!!