Oct 23, 2010

Shanghai bound!!!!

I know I haven't done posting here for a while, this new semester has been driving me crazy. I haven't had enough time to update my blog.
Please keep me in your prayer that I will keep my priority right and be able to pray and listen to God and obey Him. 

So this is finale for my summer series.
I went to Shanghai in the end of Sept.. This was so amazing trip.
The travel fare was ridiculously cheap. It was because this trip was planned my OB (meaning "Old Boy", the graduated from) of my dorm and is chief of the board. 
He basically invited some students to accompany with them. And two students went  and one of the two happened to be ME!!!

We stayed at Johnson Howard Plaza in Shanghai for three days one of which we took a day trip to Suzhou. And last day we spent in Hangzhou and stayed at Hyatt Regency. 

I Love going oversea, taking airplanes and traveling!!!

I thank God for providing me opportunities and money that I need.

At Shanghai Expo 2010, Japan pavilion. 
The line was 5 hours waiting!!!

Night scenery was so beautiful.  

ramdom pic

I was able to hook up with my good friend, Keisuke. 
I have known him for years from Okinawa.
It was so encouraging to see him walking with the Lord!!( of course, playing Sanshin, as you can see :)

We saw temples too. 
Chinese people are so religious. but still worshipping false god and it grieves my heart......

down town
First hotel

second one (there were pianist and singer at lobby!!)

This is it!!
I am now back in school and having normal life which is spiced and turned into extraordinary  by God.

Keep in touch!

To God be the glory

Oct 2, 2010

MY Sweet home Okinawa Part3(last)

Last week in Okinawa, after seeing off my seminar group to Tokyo.
I was given opportunity to lead worship for Midweek Bible study.
Not having led worship for a while, I was quite a bit nervous. But, once I started worshiping, God totally fill me with His strength.

so, as you saw, my first week was filled with to-dos.
It's not bad, because I love doing ministries and serving!!!
Though I think I had needed real "vacation".

After the midweek study, I basically had nothing to do, but had chances to meet my old friends.
I met friends from High school. Though some stayed in Okinawa, many left the island, I feel the tie we build through Jr. and Senior High school is very strong. They are brilliant and so inspiring people.
I pray that I will be good witness to them and they will one day accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Then.... I will explain with pictures from here

I was able to hang out with my friends from CCGinowan.

Joel (whom I know since he came for his first semester in Okinawa) and Tom Cotton.

Zach Ruiz (whom I know for about 7 years?)

I took my grandparents and rest of the family out to dinner on the "elders' day".

left: last root beer at air port.
right: my most favorite starbucks in the word. went there almost every night.

Every single time I come home, God is so faithful to show me so many great things He is doing in Okinawa. And I am always blessed with good bros and sisters in Christ.

Special thanks to my family(grandparents and aunt and uncle), allowing me to stay their house for whole trip.
And Staff at CCOkinawa, the church I love and always call "home", Rick, Glenn, Kevin and Roy. I love you all and am praying for you.

Thanks every one who blessed me while I was there!!
Can't wait to see you again!