Sep 12, 2011


Hi there!! I'm on the plane from Toronto to Narita. This has been the longest trip ever.(not craziest I had on the way to LAX)

Though I arrived in JFK, I only stayed in NewJersey for two days and spent the rest of the stay in Virginia. So I had to take a train from D.C. to Newark Airport Sunday evening. So, I got to the airport around 10pm and spent the night there. Then next early morning, I went to check in only to find my flight had been delayed for 3 hours...... Then later on, when I got to the gate, it was again delayed for half hour. Fortunately, I had much layover time (6h) in Toronto (hoping to get a chance to do to the city...), so I didn't have to worry about catching the connection flight. But, they put me in earlier flight to make sure I catch it.

So, the fact you are reading this post mean that I was able to get back home safely.

On plane, though it was tough and made me sad, I was looking back my past 5 weeks of traveling, I couldn't help to thank God for all the people who graciously had me stay at their houses.

So I decided to introduce my friends who allowed my to stay in order, first to show my gratitude, second to keep myself reminded of their kindness in next few posts.




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