Mar 1, 2012

slow but fruitful

I feel today went slowly fast. Yep, I am aware of the contradiction of it  but it's how I feel. We didn't do much but I felt the day went so fast.

First we did laundries in the morning. It was just on right timing we needed. But other than putting clothes in the washing machine and drying machine, we didn't have much to do, so we just hang out at McDonalds and Mosburgers.
It was nice fellowship time. (I did not take any pictures during this time...)

After the laundries, we went to Higashimatsushima to pick up a stuff at Robbs. They are a couple who moved there from Okinawa to minister people there. They weren't there but it was nice to see their house and how the area looked like. It was heavily damaged area. We got to pray for the area and Robbs. Please keep them in your prayer.

Then we headed to Ishinomaki and did some works that was left to be done from yesterday. While guys were working on building, ladies prepared the meal to serve at Bible study at temporary housing. Guys did really nice job and ladies cooked very delicious bean soup.
one thing I like this team for is that they are putting up with conbini foods everyday.
If I were them, I could have been stressed!!

So, we went to Bible study at temporary housing. This study has been held for half year so far. I think I remember this is the only temporary housing that has consistant Bible study.
We served food and shared music. Pastor Rick taught the word. It was very special night.

So it was another blessed day. Please keep this group in your prayer that they will come to know Jesus personally and be His disciples. 

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