Feb 11, 2012

Language Part2

I guess my English level was very high, especially in conversational level and in comparison with other students at school. I was starting to get a good grades and actually made it top five.
But my desire to develop and improve my linguistic skill did not cease.
I think it was because of my competitiveness.

I was given a chance to go to California, U.S. when I was in ninth grade.
I was very excited to use my English there. But I have to say it ended up in dismay relatively.
I was with people who go to international school who were bilingual.
It was very hard time because I was the only non-fluent man in the group, and people we met assumed that I too can speak fluently.
Moreover, I had hard time doing ordinary things such as ordering meals and shopping.

But, all those hard experiences motivated me to learn more diligently.
Because I did not want the experience like that anymore!!

Along the line, I also realized that it is not all about speaking English.
Some people today I see, they have good passion to learn English but it does not go farther than that.
Time in states taught me that English is merely a language for me to carry my thoughts to others and to communicate.

I knew that what I want to do is not to be linguist nor professional translator or interpreter. 
So, I started putting efforts in other classes.
The result was that I was able to raise my grades and passed the one of the most difficult entrance exam in Japan. 

Today, I still study English. But, it is merely a mean to convey my thoughts and understand others, ultimately all for God's Glory. 

It was definitely God Who led me to where I am now. 
It was only God Who could enabled me to enter and graduate this university.
It was totally God Who provided me with new job in Okinawa.
It should always be God Whom I need to seek future direction.

To God Alone Be the Glory 

ps: Because of such experience, I have a great respect to missionaries who diligently learn Japanese, or local languages. I feel very especially to see people like that.

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