Feb 1, 2012

Israel and Iran and Politics.......

So, being a political nerd, I try to follow international affairs as closely as possible by reading news and magazine and online sites.
It was introduced to this very interesting and intriguing article on New York Times Magazine, "Will Israel attack Iran?" Strangely you don't see it in Japan, but in global politics, the tension between Israel and Iran is very intense past some years.
Of course, when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and Ahmadinezhad  came into  power, Iran's goal has been to wipe out Israel from the world map.
Now, it is said that Iran is very close to obtain nuclear weapon. IAEA's investigating team has entered the country to do inspections. But not many count it to bring significant result.

The writer predicts that Israel will most likely to attack Iran this year of 2012.
I was talking with my professer today about this, and he said "Having such report on public, now they have to bring the fact into consideration. History is learning the past and find it very little that future can be predicted."

Well, still, upon learning such information, I cannot start thinking that the crisis is at hand, and I am about to witness it.

I don't know if you reading this and think "Politics are for geeks".
Well, maybe it is. But when it comes to Israel, Christians need to know that we need to pray for them and bless them.
So, we shouldn't be utterly ignorant about it.

I encourage you to take time and read the article.
Very profound and well evidenced, I think.

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