Oct 22, 2011

"Church and churches" 「教会と教会」

Recently, I often think about "church".
In it, I think of different topics and one of them is "church with church".
Jesus said "Upon this rock I will build my church; and gates of Hades will not overpower it." Matt.16:18) 

The bottom-line is, ultimately the church is one. So why there are denominations and divided churches?? I think the answer to that is we have some different points such as style of worship, atmosphere and different theological views....etc . But those are the minors. The true church will agree on the essentials such as "salvation through grace alone and faith alone", "Christ finished work for man's redemption" "Bible is God's revelation to man"... I think this is church.

I grew up in Calvary Chapel church and have been in such environment, so I am not familiar to Japanese church circle, to be honest. And it is true that among Calvary Chapels in Japan, there are people like me especially in my generation. 
And I, having such background, once held wrong concept; "Calvary Chapel is teaching the word  and we are great. Calvary Chapel is the way to go.". 

Don't mistake. I love Calvary Chapel. and it's hard to imagine that I'm serving at other than Calvary churches.
This is very wrong idea and the fact is that there are many churches that teaches bible straight and loves Jesus. Still, I think such prideful thought is not only my problem and others need to check themselves as well.

そして、その対策というのは、"Major in minor"(「些細なことを大きく扱う」)ことをしないことだと思います。グレッグ・ローリーの言葉を借りるなら"agree to disagree"(「不一致に同意する」)ことが大切なのだと思います。
I mentioned something like it in previous post.
I think one thing we can do is not to "major in minor". As in Greg Laurie' word, "We can agree to disagree.". It is to know that there are things we don't agree fully but the bottom line is that we agree on essentials, so it is possible to work together.".

例えば、マイアミで来年開かれる"One Conference"というイベントです。


OneConference 2012 | Teaser from oneconference on Vimeo.
I have noticed events that I think practice it lately.
One of them is "One Conference" in Miami. This is hosted by Pedro Garcia, seinor pastor of Calvary Chapel Kendall. But speakers are very various. For example, well-known in Japan as well, Brian Houston from Hillsong church, Franklin Graham, also Greg Laurie of Harvest Crusade and my favorite Britt Merrick.(There are so many great speakers.)
I think this is really exciting.

また、もう1つは、Elephant Roomというイベントでした。
Another is "Elephant Room".
It was held by James McDonald, Harvest Bible Fellowship. But other participants were Greg Laurie (who is from Calvary background), Mark Driscoll and Matt Chandler (reformists and calvinists), David Platt and Perry Noble.
These are the guys who have very different background and can disagree on good amount of things, but they come together despite the difference in the name of Christ and made it happen.
Btw, this is one great video clip I highly recommend everyone to watch.
the like is here.

Lastly, I want to share this video that is very profitable to think about "church".
It would be nice to hear your thoughts as well.

Britt Merrick | Reality Santa Barbara | Why Are We Here? from Reality on Vimeo.

God bless

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