Oct 15, 2011

"How Science Can Lead the Way"

I was reading this week' TIME magazine. There was an article that attracted my attention. It was
"How Science Can Lead the Way
What we lose when we put faith over logic"
It was written by Lisa Randall, professor of physics at Harvard, one of 2007' TIME 100 and author of many books. She is well-known in Japan as well.

I think she represent secular world very much.
She began the article, "Today's politician seem more comfortable invoking God and religion than they do presenting facts o numbers."
hmmmm, what is the point she is making??

here is the good example, she writes in same article after mentioning Rick Perry' recognition  of creationism.
"and when he (Rick Perry) chooses to pray for the end of a drought rather than critically evaluate climate science, he is displaying the danger of replacing rational approaches with religion in matters of public policy."
and she writes
"Logic tries to resolve paradoxes, whereas much of religious thought thrives on them."

I think she misunderstands what "faith" is.
Our faith in Christ is not blind-faith, it's more like reasonable faith. 
I put my faith in God because first of all, God touched me and showed loving grace to me, but I was intellectually and theologically impacted as well. 
As I read and study the Bible, it makes more sense!!!

Of course, there are some parts of the Bible that I just "believe in faith". But I keep trying to understand from the Bible. But faith is a trust, I sometimes don't understand why but I know I can trust my God for all the things I know about him and through experiences in which He has proven Himself to be trustworthy.

But, look at this world more objectively as scientists always loves to do. 
There are many things that does not make sense but we accept them.

"Why human being dies?"
"Why we as man have not adapted to the death, after adapting almost any environment on the earth?"
"What caused big-ban(this world into existence)?" 

This is why I love apologetics.
I really believe we need more apologetics resources in Japan.
We, christian, as minority need to know "What we believe, why we believe."

How do you think about this??
I'm very interested what others thoughts on this.

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  1. Randall really thinks politicians are invoking God too
    much? Wow, I believe the opposite.

    I love apologetics, too. Last year, I took a class with curriculum from Summit Ministries: http://www.summit.org/ They have a lot of great resources on their website. In their videos that came with the curriculum, they said that when it says "child-like" faith in the Bible, it's not talking about ignorant faith. It's talking about being ready to trust. What you said reminded me of that.