Oct 15, 2011

Langley Family

So, here I come with final post from the summer trip.
(I know, I know it's "finally".......)

So, the last stop was Langley Family in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Mike and Cindy once served as Jr.High group, Tsunami leader in Okinawa with me.
And Tyler and Maddie grew up in the group.
Funny thing is I still remember when Tyler first walked into Tsunami room with nice shirt and pants.

It was perfect occasion, because Mike had his retirement ceremony (he served US Navy, I think, for 26 years.). So he invited Andersens whom I was originally planned to stay with throughout my stay in east coast. They decided to drive down to VA, so I had no choice (fortunately, of course) to accompany them.

They have so cool/nice house. I think when I got there, there were over 10 people sleeping in the house!!!

The retirement ceremony was so beautiful. I always respected Mike for his leadership and integrity for Christ. He truly had it at his work.
As I look to start working soon, it was so encouraging to see and be confirmed what God can do through us at our work place.
Maddie gave a speech in behalf of Langley kids, she did incredible job. It was really nice, to say the least.
at retirement
Langley family
 Maddie giving a speech


While I was in Fredericksburg, I was able to go to downtown Fredericksburg and Washington D.C. too!!!
D.C. was incredible!! There were so much to see!!
But my favorite was Martin Luther King jr. memorial. The words recorded were impacting and the design was beautiful as well.
downtown Fredericksburg

 Capital Hill!!!
 me with FDR
 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
 Lincoln Memorial
 With Langley family 

 It was such a great time.
I got to meet many of their family as well. They were all nice to me.

I seriously miss traveling now.
It feels little strange not speaking English all the time, not flying, not getting ride from friends..... etc

Well, I think I just might as well enjoy the limited time in Tokyo now.

I again would like to thank God for making this amazing trip happen.
It was seriously "LIFE CHANGING"!!! no doubt.

I love and miss all the people whom I met and reconnected with.
They are all wonderful gift from God.

To God alone be the Glory.


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