May 14, 2011

Conference Part2.

Every Year, our Calvary Chapel Japan Conference has been blessed by pastors from states. Some of them have been in Calvary movement for many years and I just gleaning stories and lessons from them.

This year, we welcomed 6 pastors from states. We had 6 sessions, so each had one session to share the Word with us.
I'd like to one of the teachings that stood out to me. 

Pastor Roger from CCCM shared from Psalm 73.

"Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart."

After reading verse 1, he quoted Pastor Chuck' proverb, 

"We should not let go what we know for when we face what we do not know."

This was so "right on" to me!!!
I think many are still wondering what is going what is doing on in this world. Earthquakes, Tsunami and now Nuclear Power issue remaining to be big problem to Japan. 
Theologically, I knew that nothing happens out of God's control. Everything has its purpose in Him. 
But, seeing many fellow Japanese losing their lives, literally everything they had, the question "Why did God allow this to happen?" has been in my mind since then.

Pastor Roger took us through whole chapter and taught us how merciful He is, the need to fix our eyes on Him always, how He sustains us and how faithful He is to answer our cries, basically God's character.

I was like "of course I know it".
There, God started knocking on my door.
"Then why is your soul troubled??"
I was like "well, I just want to have an answer!!"
God tells me "I am the answer, am't I?"

I found myself wanting the answers to everything.
But, Bible tells that on this earth, we will not see everything, but will do when we see Him face to face.
Here silly me, trying to figure out everything....

The Bible reveals what we need to know and there is so much more to learn for me!
His Word teaches me
that He is merciful. (Psalm73:1)
that He gives grace upon grace. (John1:16)
that He works all things for our good.(Rom.8:28)
that He is just and true. (Psalm89:14)
that everything comes from and goes to Him.(Rom.11:36)

Just looking those versus gives peace to my heart. 
I Love How His Word works in my heart!!

I don't have answers to everything, but I hold on to what I know about Who, What and Why I believe in times of difficulty and questions!!

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