May 16, 2011

Gun-Collectors, Not Soldiers

I love visiting pastors' blogs.

Recently pastor James MacDonald held the event of 
very unique meeting (unlike conference) called "Elephant Room" where pastors come together from different backgrounds (I only knew a few of them) and talke about doctrine of Christianity, pastor' view on various things, ministries.... etc

I watched a few video clips from the meeting and all of them were very interesting.
But this one topic " Gun-Collectors, Not Soldiers" was the most I think.

As Christian, I have experienced puzzled moment when I face the question of God's sovereignty and man' free will.

In his video, Mark Driscoll and Greg Laurie talks about Alter call and salvation..... etc

To me, what pastor Mark said was very cool.

If you could write your thoughts on this in comment, it'd be really nice.

Thank you!!

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