Apr 7, 2011

my March part1

Ok, it's time that I did my blog updating.......

This past few weeks has been really busy going back and forth between Okinawa and Tokyo.
Now as I write this, I am in Okinawa for Job interview. 
I've already had the interview on Wednesday and now for relaxing time.

I hope to make my blog catch up with my life.
so here is part 1 of that work.

I went to Okinawa twice in March.
One for my family business and the other for job hunting.

I was able to go Rob and Rika' wedding!!!
I have known Robert for about 5 years. He has been real good friend of mine. 
I never had thought I'd make it!! 

 and here is my family pic.
It has been really long time since the last time we got together like this.

I was given a opportunity to share the Word with youth at CCOkinawa.
I grew up in this youth group so it was really special moment for me.

and of course, there is tons of food in Okinawa.....
Thank you Rick!!

well, time is running out, so I have to stop right here.
But I will hope more pics and what God has been doing in and thru my life tomorrow !!

Keep coming back here ;)

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