Apr 18, 2011

Tohoku Trip Part1

Ok, here is my real report about Tohoku.

I joined the work of Calvary Tohoku Relief (you should check out their blog !!)
Several Calvary churches got together and has been working in Miyagi pre-facture.
Since you can check out what we/I did in the blog, I'd like to write my thoughts and what God spoke to me here in this blog.

But one practical thing I can share is that THEY ARE STILL IN NEED!!
After a month, I thought there will be many volunteers and supplies, but the fact was different. Especially they need man-power who can clean up the houses that have been affected or damaged by earth-quake and tsunami.
So if any of you are still concerned and praying about going there, KEEP PRAYING and if God opens the door, I'd say, "JUMP IN!!".

I think I learned two big lessons this time.
here I share one of them.

it is......

This team was consisted of people from different churches (but all Calvary related though. I Love Calvary Church!!).
So, you can say that we have different backgrounds and cultures and it can be said that it'd take little bit of time to perform good team work.

But, here is cool thing though,
We gathered in one Name, Jesus Christ, and one purpose, His Glory!!!
This was so enough to bring us together and strengthen our ties.

It didn't take even a day to perform good team work.
We got there at night and our work started rolling like a Mercedes or Ferrari.
It was just B-E-A-U-tiful !!!!

Every night we'd pray for one another, almost every site we visited we prayed for and sometimes with the locals!! ( so cool to see people' hearts are being opened! )
Prayer was a big factor that enabled us to keep our focus right. Without prayers, we'd have been just "laboring", not actually ministering to people!!!

I had had a mind/desire to share my faith with people there. But most of what I did was physical labor, cleaning houses and shoveling mud and didn't get to talk a lot.
But my heart was filled with joy every night. Because I'd share every night what each member did during the day with everyone, I knew some one was sharing with and loving on people and it became my joy!!

I felt God was saying "you did your part and others did their part, but in the end, it's all for Me right?".
I was like "YES LORD!!!"
I was reminded of the song "All to us" by Chris Tomlin

Let the glory of Your name be the passion of the Church 
Let the righteousness of God be a holy flame that burns 
Let the saving love of Christ be the measure of our lives 
We believe You're all to us 

"from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love."

Ephesians 4:16

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