Apr 16, 2011

Okinawa is Okinawa やっぱり沖縄

well, last post really sums up my two Okinawa bounds.
but here I'd like to share my thoughts (especially concerning Okinawa).

It is always great to be back home.
I really like Tokyo and people and friends there.
but as many say, "there is nothing like home" right??

It is really strange feeling because I usually come home once a 6 months or at least 3 months. (one reason is that Okinawa feeds me too much and I gain too much weight)

Every single time I am back on island, I try to look for opportunity to serve and minister. My home church Calvary Chapel Okinawa always kindly opens the doors for me to do that.
I can't thank enough for Pastor Rick and his staff Glenn, Kevin, Roy and other guys who are in leadership. They are always gracious and kind to give me opportunity to serve there. It is so grace, I think, that even though I no longer attend the church regularly, I am being able to be part of their work.

on my first trip, Kevin blessed me with a chance to share the Word with his youth group. It was very unique experience because I was once one of them now I am standing in front of them almost "teaching". But I want to give back to youth what I had received from God so that they can be prepared to go into the world. Without the youth group, I am not sure if I am at where I am today.

CCO Youth (High school)

and this month (April) Roy Toma blessed me with opportunity to lead worship at Japanese Lunch Fellowship. Also I did interpreter for Rick as he gave some reports about his relief work in Tohoku area.
I have a heart for Japanese. It is so much joy for me to see the fellowship is growing and strengthened!!! God is surely doing great works there.
this is from "Cross Road" class.
Roy, his wife Nancy and James are teaching English 
with the portion fo Bible from which Rick is preaching.

another blessing I see is that Bible College students coming to serve at the church.
They are students at Calvary Chapel Bible College Okinawa Campus of which Tommy Ruiz is the director. They send teams to different churches to serve.
I love their heart for ministry. The team that comes to CCO is led by Tamiko whom I've known yearS! LOL well, I always enjoy seeing her and new students.
I sometimes get jealous of them because I have always wanted to go to CCBC!! but well well, God has His plan...
(from left to right)左から右へ
Brandon, Moses, Tamiko, Aya and Ally

There are so many things that I received from God during my three trips!
I believe God is calling me to Okinawa but don't know yet when it is.
I was thinking maybe after reaching 30 but it seems that it can be much earlier......

I am still praying that God will show me what He wants to do in my life.

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