Jan 7, 2012

Venture of Faith

Ventures of Faith from Calvary Downey on Vimeo.

This is the message I was listening while working on my thesis. (not very productive? hmmm, not sure about that yet)

Joey Buran is senior pastor at Worship Generation in Fountain Valley, CA.
He preached at Calvary Chapel Downey which had series called "Calvary Distinctives".

He has planted churches both on west and east coast and is great preacher.

When I visit states for the first time, pastor Joey was holding the service on Monday at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. I actually was able to visit there. I remember there I met Tim Chaddick as well. (crazy experience when I recall it now!!)

well, he taught on the subject called "Venture of Faith". One of the lines I liked from this teaching was

 "We should never measure today and tomorrow's veture of faith by what God did in yesterday's venture of faith." 

Well, here you go, Hope you enjoy it!!

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