Aug 7, 2010

My Mom

Hi, guys!!
I think I have been keeping good pace with my blog.

My mom, Takako, is currently in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel.
I still remember even in my childhood she was telling me and my sister her heart for Israel and that she wants to go there ans serve Israelis.
I think I was sensing she will go there in the future but not like this.

I have great respect towards her. She is woman of faith.
I recall when she quitted her office work at school.
I asked "Hey, you know what are you going to do next?"
She replied, "I know I am taking a trip to Israel, but not after that. I just had to obey God and trust in Him."
I thought she was craziest mom in the world.

Then about 5 years later, after my sister moving to Tokyo for college,
She told me she was going to Israel not for a trip but to serve there.
I asked her "So when are you coming back?"
She said "I don't really know. Whenever God leads me."
I again thought she was crazy.

But, in all things that I saw my mom did, there was always dependency on God.
I didn't get it back then, neither now perfectly, but little better than before.

Being away (really far) from my mother, God has given me such a special opportunity to see how my mom means to me.
I really never had said this but I can say now
"I have best mom in the world."

Would you please pray for my mom?
As she serves at Calvary Chapel Tel Aviv.
Please check out her blog too.

(taken summer of '09)


  1. Your mom is awesome!!! We miss you all!

  2. wow that is so awesome! I am so glad you mom is getting to visit Israel! I hear it's a beautiful place!!

    Sorry I have not been around lately, life's insane, but I hope to keep more up-to-date with your entries!

    I shall keep your Mother in my prayers, along with you and the rest of your family!

    God Bless!
    Your sister in Christ