Aug 7, 2010

my campus

well, I know when I started this blog, I wanted it to be a record of what God has done in my life and my sharing them with others will glorify God.
That's the true and ultimate purpose of this blog still.
I write both in Japanese and English (or either of them), sometimes just for my conveniences.

But I thought it will be not bad to post what is happening in my life.

so here is the first post from the thought

It's about my campus!!
I LOOOOVVVEE my campus. It is so beautiful and nice!!!

I know God has placed my in this place and I have mission here.
Please pray for me as I ONLY have a year and half at this campus.
For the lost soul and unsaved friends of mine
 they had "Open Campus", and many high schoolers were at campus
it's usually nice and quiet palce
she is taking pic of our famous auditorium 

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