Jul 23, 2009

Oh Taste and See that The Lord is GOOD!!!!

This past weekend we had sort of Youth 2 days Camp. Well, we didn't camp out, but went to BBQ and played @ park. We had fun and great fellowship there.
Then we had also time of the Word. We had four classes, all of them maily focused on defference of God and the World. I joined the small group as kind of student leader or whatsoever. I thought I knew what they were going to teach and I was thinking to share little bit of my insight with the kids. Well, what happened is that God totally humbled me by showing that I knew little. Every class, I found new things and insights in the Word!!!!!

Oh, how great is His work within us, even in the times we don't expect Him to do!!

One thing God showed me is about eternal life. Chuck Smith said
" Eternal life is much more than quantity or duration of time. It is a quality of life."
Our pastor said " It is relationship with God" and "that gives us everlasting joy".

We studied why is it NOW to accept Jesus . If we wanna have eternal life, why not just accept on a death bed. What makes difference now and time of death bed?
As I mentioned, it is because of Joy that He gives us through relationship.

So, why not now?? Why do we put off the decision to follow Him??

"Oh, Taste and See that The Lord is GOOD"!!

  そして、もちろんそのあとにはみことばの時間も持ちました。四つのクラスがあって、全体的に「神」と「この世」の違いについて学んだ感じになった。僕は リーダーという訳でもない、なんか年長組的な感じ(笑)で参加させてもらった。だから、なんとなくこれから学ぶことは知っているし、分かち合いのときにも 何か良いことを言おうという気持ちでいた。でも、学びが始まると、新しい発見ばかりだった!!!!


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