Jul 23, 2009

In Desert 砂漠で


 僕はどうだろう?”Do hard Thing”とか言いながら、何ができているのだろう?


 We have been studying Exodus @ our Firday Night Bible Study. I learned life of Moses can be divided into 3 seasons. First 40 years, he was raised up first in his mom's house during childhood, and after that, in palace as a prince, learnig the cultuer both Jewish and Egyptian. Next 40 years, he spent in desert, seems nothing is happening. Then, in next 40 years, he led Israel out of Egypt and to the promised land.
We all also will go through these 3 seasons. We, ofcourse, learn the culture that we live in. And we all should desire to see God does great things through our lives. But, we also go through desert too. Mayve we are reading the Bible everyday, serving God, but seems nothing is happening.
here is story of John which Jon Courson describes this way.......
At about 100 years of age, John was exiled to Patmos, a rocky, barren, seemingly God-forsaken island. It was a tough situation, and no doubt John questioned what was going on. ‘I’m old,’ he could have said. ‘I’ve trusted in the Lord; I’m linked to Him; why this isolation?’But then he saw Jesus Christ. John started writing, and 22 chapters later, the book of Revelation was completed
We may not see where we are going though we are folloeing God. We may not see the fruit of our ministry as soon as we want. But, even in the situation, God is working in our lives as long as we are obeying His Word.
We may try hard things, and get no result. Keep pressing on!!! He always has His way for us.
So, probably what we can do really in situation like that is just fixing our eyes on Jesus and look foward to wonderful things to come.

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