Jul 13, 2009

Are you stirred up??? 燃えてる??

こんちは!! ブログを開設しました。 思いつきではじめたように思えますが、結構前から考えていて、でも何も目的なしに始めるのが嫌で・・・・
そんなときに、YouthWorkers Conference で中学生ミニストリーのセッションのメッセージを聞いていると、ブログもミニストリーにつかえるとあって。また、www.therebelution.com にもインスパイアーされて、祈って、始めることにしました!!


Hi, Everyone!!
I finally(?) started my blog.
It may seems to you that it happen to start from no where. But, it actually not.
I had been thinking to start blog for a while, though I did not want to start it for nothing.
During that time, I was listening to message of Principle of Jr.High ministry from YouthWorkers Conference, there he was saying blog can be used for ministry too. Also, I was inspired by The Rebelution (www.therebelution.com). Ofcourse I prayed as well.

So here it is, it has started!! I'm going to share my thoughts, things that spoke to me, things that are happening around me.....etc.

oh, yes, the goal of this blog is to encourage and help visitors stirred up in spirit.

so PLEASE Visit here and Leave Comments if you could.

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