Aug 4, 2009

Fear that brings........

Hi, everyone!! Sorry for not posting past few weeks. I was really busy with finals (five all nighters was first exprience in my life....).
Anyways, I am on officially summer break now.

These past few days, we are doing out-reach in our community with a group of CC Montebello.
Sorry, I totally forgot taking pics. I'll post some later.

When it comes to out-reach, I get really nervous. I always get timid about talking to some one.
I feel I am always afraid of people ignoring me sharing or rejecting flyers. Today, I was feeling like that again.....
During a break time, I was talking to Mark, one of the leaders of this group, he said that he doesn't get fearful of people rejecting flyers because they are rejecting a chance to meet Jesus. (not exact quote) The thing is the statement made me realize the reason I was so fearful was that I was just afraid of being embarrassed or not seeing real fruit of it. So self-centered and Christ rejected thought.....

I recall Greg Laurie's words,
"Not all of us are called to evangelism, but all of us are called to evangelize."
It's His command, why am I trying to hold off?
I realized the fear came from my unbelief of God's power and His goodness.
If I believe He is powerful enough to use person like me, why I'm not doing my best?
When I stepped out of my comfortable zone, I may fail to hit the goal. But even through the time, I am getting stronger in God. Proverbs 24:16 says ,
For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again.(NASV)
God lifts us up when we fall.
God gives us fulfillling experience when we step out our comfort zone indeed.
The fact was, Harvest was awaiting.
Because afterwards, I was able to see God's great work.
I will write about it next time.

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