Oct 1, 2012

The Holiness Of Leading Worship

I recently read this article at CalvaryChapel.com.

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It is written by Pastor Bill Walden who himself was worship leader.
I really like his posts there especially ones about worship.

It was titled "The Holiness Of Leading Worship".
This topic is hard to hear and appreciate to me.
Only because I so often find myself unholy and ungodly.
Yet, this idea has changed and shaped my approach to leading worship radically as well.

I still remember vividly.
It was when I was freshman in university. During summer, I was watching DVD series called "Pure Worship Conference" which was held at Calvary Chapel CostaMesa and led by Scott Cunningham.

One of the speaker was pastor John Randoll.
He taught from Leviticus 10, story about Nadab and Abihu; teaching how carefully we need to approach to worship of God and keep it holy and God's way.
I have written this here before but it was life changing message to me.
Absolutely pivotal moments in my life.

Nadab and Abihu, he thought what they were doing was good and cool. (In their eyes). BUT, it was violation of God's word!!!
The consequence of it was their death. They brought wrong fire and fire from above fell on themselves.

In leading worship, there are so many temptation to bring out own fire.
Remember how Aaron needed to do his work as priest?
He had to be consecrated and cleansed. Only after then, he was able to enter into the tabernacle.

We must not bring wrong fire to our worship.
My temptation in leading worship is "coolness", "ritualisticalliness"(is this even right word??), "feelings"...ect. Really caused by the mind that doesn't take the task seriously  enough.

I think it was Robert M'Cheyne who said something like "As a preacher, the greatest thing I can give to the congregation is my own holiness.".
It is same for any ministers and especially to worship leaders that stand on same stage as pastors.

Let us remind of this fact.
but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy. ~ 1Peter 1:15-16

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