Jul 14, 2012

how my life has been like.....

Long long time has passed since my last blog update!!!

Well, life has been so crazy.

1. Ministry Opportunities.
At the end of May, really really ( I know I say this normally but with emphasis this time!!) good friend of mine Tim who is church-planter in Nago City asked me to fill his place while he is filling Pastor Rick's place at CCOkinawa.
I really don't know how he came to have this idea to me which was very odd, yet I accepted the offer with gladness. It was so nice to see how the body is being gathered and made. I shared from the passage of "Prodigal son". I was nervous until I got up to the pulpit. God just took it over and I just talked what was on mu notes and also the Spirit laid on my heart.

Recently we started Youth Worship Meeting based on the desire both Kevin, Youth Pastor and I had to raise and equip this young talented kids with biblical principle of worship. We have only met twice so far, but it has been so great. Kids there, loves worshipping and praising Jesus and wants to know about what and how it is to lead worship.
Honestly, some of them are much better musician than I am (If I were). But I believed God wanted to share the experience I had in and through different worship team and seasons. I decided to share from the book called "Worship Matters" by Bob Kauflin, from which I'd love to share what I have been learning with you. 
We are going to learn both principles of the biblical worship and practicals. I am so stoked to see what God will do through this group!!!

2. 10 Year Anniversary of Calvary Chapel Okinawa
I cannot believe how fast the time had gone this ten years!!
I started going CCOkinawa in 2002 with family and this year, 2012 marks its Ten Year anniversary.
Pastors from this island and the states came to bless this special time of celebrating what God has done in the through this body of Christ in Okinawa.

So blessed to be backa and part of the ministry here. 
More and more God's greatness I shall see!!

3. New Job!!
On July 2nd, the new job was (finally) assigned to me. 
I am now at salse department which I'd describe more like "operation section".
My main job is make statistics on our salse results and report to the related department and the government offices.
I'd never thought I'll be dealing a thing like this that has a lot to do with mathematics. Well, all I face now is numbers!!

But I know God has special reason in placing me here and this new challenge will help me grow.
I am blessed with kind and nice co-workers and "senpai".
Very exciting time!!

4. Short trip to Tokyo.
I was able to go Aki and Logan's wedding.
It was made really in last minute. But it worked out all well. 
The wedding was so beautiful, I was so blessed be part of their special day!!

sorry I had to put this up for Michael.

and I was able to see my friends from LaHabra in Tokyo!!

this is very SHORT highlight of my recent life. 
I'll try to blog more often..

oh and keep myself updated too, Friends out there!!! haha

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