Mar 30, 2010

Love Is On the Move!!!

well, some of you noticed that the title is from Leeland's latest CD which was given me by my sister for my birthday. ( Isn't she cool?)

I really liked the title, "Love is on the move".
This will be the final post from CCC conference from which I have been writing these past few posts.

College life is very tough and challenging. To some, it is stumbling.
I've seen what the "College life" is like 2 years on campus. Well, what it is like, you know, drinking, trying to have girl friend, partying....etc. I do not know if it is same in other countries, but it is very sad to see many students who left their parents place and started living alone to get into those dirty things.

But, one of the biggest encouragement that God gave me was the people I met who accepted Jesus as their Savior during the time, mostly through evangelism at campus!!!
I was so blown away to see the evidence of God's power!!!

God's love is on the move!! He never stops working, it is always us who stop.
Let us expect what God has in store for us at where we are!

リーランドの最近のCDのタイトルは「Love is on the move」です。







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  1. That's why I recognized his face! Because he's been to CCG! Cool, Stomer! Thanks for the sweet update bro! You should link your blog to FB directly, like I do... because I'm lazy about checking people's blogs, thanks to FB.