Aug 8, 2009

Harvest that God brings

So, as I wrote on last post, I want to share what God has doing this past week.

I have already mention to the team of CCM from L.A..
We, together, did outreach events such as Icecream party, E.L.A. Night with passing out flyers.
I wrote in last post about how God worked in my heart to go out and do the things for the Lord with His power that sustains me perfectly.

So, I did. With help and ecouragement from God, I went out and passed out many flyers to invite people to church events.
Ofcourse, many refused to recieve them, but some did take them. During the whole time on the street, I was just praying that God will use this in His way which I totally cannnot think of.

And to my great surprise, God Did It!!!!!!!!!
On Tuesday, we had ice-cream party @ church.When I was sitting on chair and chatting, one boy came in. I was thinking he is friend of someone from church. However, I got up from my chair, went up to him and introduced myself asking how he knew this event. He just lifted his hand and showed me the flyer we were passing out earlier.
YES, HE CAME THROUGH THE FLYER!!!!! I was just overwhelmed by God's way of working!!
Story does not end here.................

At the ice-cream party, one of the girls of CCM gave her testimony which was really nice. And They gave so-called salvation bracelet which explains sins, blood, cleanse, new life in Jesus, baptism and heaven, individually. Melissa from CCM as well, gave one to four-teen boy, who came with the flyer. I was given a oppotunity to help Melissa with interpretation.
So she explained what each color means. At end, she asked him,
"So, do you want to accept Jesus?"
he said,
Yes!!! He Said "YES" nodding his head!!!!
It was so beautiful to see one precous soul having got saved in front of me!

Later, he came to our Friday night Bible study. Again, he openly accepted Jesus as his Savior!

The boy in the middle is him, Yuya with me and Aaron.
Please pray that he will continually come to church and grow in Jesus

(Please leave a comment for him)



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  1. That is such an amazing story!

    I'm so glad you were able to bring people to church by handing out flyers!

    I will be praying for Yuta, that he may grow with God spiritualy.

    God Bless You!

  2. Thank you Alesia!!!
    Your prayer will help him grow surely. I am always amazed at how we can work together through prayer!!

  3. I am so glad that God is bigger than our will.
    I pray for the even tougher journey Yuya will have as a follower of Jesus Christ. I wish the best for Him and that his life is changed for the better. God has so much in store for him.