Dec 11, 2011

CCBC Tokyo Conference!!!

Hello, there!!!

It has been a while since the last post, sorry!!!
My schedule has become busy lately, so I couldn't take time to blog :(
But finally, I almost forced myself to blog just for relaxing.

Last weekend, CCBC(Calvary Chapel Bible College) Tokyo hosted two day confernce at CCFuchu, called "Servant Leader Conference".

Good friend of mine, Zach Ruiz did fantastic job putting this together. I am really thankful for him  and his dad, pastor Tom for making this happen.
Though I was only able to attend second day, I was extremely blessed.

I was given privilege to be a interpretor for two speakers both of who are really good friend of mine, Joel and Mike.
Joel serves at CCBC Okinawa and Mike is a missionary at CCTokorozawa.
They did excellent job. As a interpretor, I think I get to absorb more than congregation. I was blessed.
Joel teaching, I interpreting 

Joel taught workshop title "Leadership". Personally, I was very convicted of my lack of being an example to others. He explained that we need to walk in fear to God, so that I can set an example for others and lead them to the fear to God.

Mike seriously "nailed" it!! He taught the main session called "Worship".
He simply took us through Psalm 103 and it was just glorious!!!
"Everything, serving, leading or evangelizing..etc starts with worshiping God", he said.
And our worship is only response to God's amazing love and mercy and we can worship Him for Who He is. Then as we understand more about God's love for us, the love we see grows bigger and bigger!!!

Oh, how much I try to worship God by my own flesh!!! I often try to generate the motivation in me in order to praise Him. That's just totally wrong!!!
God's love has nothing with me; He loves me unconditionally!!!
If I want see God's love grows in me, I only need to see Him more closely.
Mike teaching, I interpreting

Lastly, I was given opportunity to teach workshop as well.
I am really grateful to Pastor Tom for taking such a risk to let me teach. I was overwhelmingly  blessed.
I was assigned workshop called "Workplace". It was very challenging subject since I never worked full time!! But, God was good to me. He gave me words to speak, and hopefully people were blessed as well. and I have to give thanks to Logan, for his patience towards my changing notes and skipping the order on the note. He did a good job.
Me teaching

To God Alone be the Glory

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