Dec 8, 2010

these days.........

sorry that I didn't update for long time!!

My life has been really crazy as I started what is called "Job Hunting".
I might as well first explain what "job hunting" is.

In Japan, students start looking for job that they will have after their graduation around end of their junior year.
That means you will have the notification of acceptance from companies around April and May of senior year. It will take about 5-6 month to go through recruiting process.

I have been praying for my future and still not sure about it.
So I officially started doing Job Hunting. (I haven't decided to work right after college though...)
Super High Tech bending machine


Near Tokyo Station
Roppongi (by the Westin Tokyo)

As I go to briefing of companies, I get to go downton often, which is both fun and tiring..

But, I think I am getting into it little too much.
My week has been really filled with going to seminar, writing ES(Entry Sheet=application sheet) or studying for interviews......etc
Being eliminated by the companies is kind of discouraging..... (like J.P.Morgan, Roland Belgar, Morgan Stanley... I already said good-bye to them :P )

I hadn't had good time with God sadly..
BUUUUT, Today was little relaxing day and God blessed me with good bible study tonight!!! Praise God!!

Please Pray for me as I continue to seek God's plan for me.

Thank you

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  1. I love all the Christmas trees!
    We're praying for you as you seek the Lord for your future.