Feb 15, 2010

Fanny Crosby

Some body might noticed that I haven't posted a post from my reading through "50 People every Christian should know" by Warren Wiersbe.
Well, I'm still reading it, step by step, taking chunk of time though hehe

It was interesting that I met Fanny Crosby this time. Because in the last worship meeting, our pastor introduced some of the story from Fanny Crosby's life.
So it is definitely God who is bringing this encounter.

Fanny Crosby, Frances Jane Crosby was one of the greatest and beloved composer of gospel songs. God used her to pen over eight thousand songs .
"It seemed intended by the blessed Providence of God that I should be blind all my life."
She was only six weeks old when she became blind for doctor's poor treatment on minor eye inflammation. Though she was blind, she was thankful for that. She claimed she would rather remain blind even if she could have her sight restored.
Her gift of writing songs were outstanding.
She wrote her first poem at the age of eight years old, it goes..

Oh, what a happy child I am,
Although I cannot see!
I am resolved that in this world
Contented I will be

How many blessings I enjoy
That other people don't!
So weep or sigh because I'm blind,
I cannot, or I won't

She kept writing songs until she went to be with the Lord and see everything clearly.
"I believe myself still really in the prime of life!!", she said at the age of eighty-tree. She lived twelve more years.

So what did I learn from her life?
I think it is the fact that God gives every single person His gift, which is exclusively unique to the person. When I use the gift for God, He will definitely blesses it as long as I do, as much as I do!!

So think of something that is unique to you, maybe even things that doesn't look life specifically unique but God blessed you with.
Let us use them for the One who gave us.
Because ultimately nothing belongs to us.

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