Feb 1, 2010

Eternity? Trinity? Can't Get it!? 永遠?1+1+1=1?

Last week, I was able to share the Scriptures, John 1:1-5, with some of my non-Christian friends at dorm. Gospel of John is a awesome book!!! It is very simple but so profound!

In the Study, I made three points
1. Jesus is eternity
2. Jesus is God
3. Jesus offers the Best (which is eternal life with Him)

J. Vernon McGee said "So when you read, "In the beginning," go as far as your little brain can go into eternity past, put down your peg- and Jesus Christ comes out of eternity to meet you."
It is so impossible to fathom this character of "eternity".

The word, God, in Greek is "Elohim" ,which is specifically plural form.
"The Lord is One"(Deu. 6:4) The word "one" is, in Hebrew, "echad" which is also plural.
I was completely overwhelmed during that study!!!
I wish I could share more though, it will be too long if I do that.

Lastly, all things are made through Jesus.(Col. 1) If God created me, He knows everything about me. When something is wrong in my life, He know where and how to fix it.
Do you believe that? or You believe you are the result of "random chances" of evolution process?
He created us to have fellowship with Him, to glorify Him!!
God is the source, the strength and the reason of our lives!!

この前の木曜の夜は寮でバイブルスタディをやって、新しいシリーズ”Believe 879”が始まりました。


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  1. It is amazing isn't it? Trying to make our mind go as far back, to our furthest memories. I can't make it past 4. Sad isn't it? That There are only 14 years of memory I can recall?
    To think that Jesus has memory of every moment, of every second, and has been alive all those thousands of years. it's just amazing!

    Mere mortal brains cannot even begin to comprehend the magnitude of the word "eternity" the best way for us to describe it, would be to say "forever" but do we really think often about how long forever really is?

    When I think of the time Jesus will come down to get all of us, to live in Heaven with Him for EVER! I get chills. We won't be in Heaven for a thousand years, a million years, or even a BILLION years! We will be there FOR ALL ETERNITY!

    Knowing that Jesus knows all there is to know about us, it a relief. We no longer need to feel like He doesn't understand us, or He couldn't possibly know what we are going through. Because He DOES! He DOES know how we feel, what we want and why we are hurting.

    Jesus is so amazing! More amazing then ANYONE could possibly comprehend!

    God Bless
    in HIM