Jan 14, 2013

End of last year...

It's been a while since last post..... well, now I really know I am not a frequent blogger. haha but I still want to post time to time and here it is.

Late December was super crazy busy. (Not as crazy work busy as October...)

I had to plan a year-end party for my department (about 60 people) and also had to do short performance there. ( one of my co-worker and I ended up doing this dance ). I am not really organized person, so I ended up doing almost most of the work by myself and got myself really stressed. But I think I've learned how to do things better now.
And Christmas, last day of work, making new-year's card....... etc followed.

But, good thing was I was able to take time offs.
First, I took halfday off from work and stayed at hotel some of whose room my company owns as owner's room. (That means super discount price.)
I was able to have really relaxing time, and in the word and prayer.
view from the room
outside view

 And another day, my family stayed at a hotel and had fun family time.
It was pretty nice time. It was warm day and really nice day.


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