Sep 29, 2010

MY Sweet home Okinawa Part2

I had my students of seminar coming for our annual camp in Okinawa!!
It was very nice time, giving them a tour and having lots of conversations with friends and my professar.

Giving them a tour had me realize that I still don't know about Okinawa much.
I need to learn more about my home so that I'll be able to tell how awesome the place is!!

I basically  took this chance to give myself a time to do sightseeing as well.
So we went to many famous sightseeing places and did photo shooting.

at Sunset Beach

My grandma told us her experience in Okinawa battle during WW2

at KingTaco

Please Pray for me as I keep minister those friends of mine that God will give me compassion towards them and my heart will be always on His mission.

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