Nov 18, 2009

Truth, Exclusive?? Part3 "Tear Down The Wall!!"

"Mr. Gorbachev, tear down
this wall!"

by Ronald Reagan

On June 12, 1987, President Ronald Reagan
spoke the people of West Berlin at the base of the Brandenburg Gate, near the
Berlin wall. Due to the amplification system being used, the President's words
could also be heard on the Eastern (Communist-controlled) side of the wall. The
address Reagan delivered that day is considered by many to have affirmed the
beginning of the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism. On Nov. 9-11,
1989, the people of a free Berlin tore down that wall.

And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain
from the top to the bottom
; and the earth did quake, and the rocks


Oh, how significant! The veil of the temple was the testimony of how unapproachable God was to man. No man dared to enter in beyond that veil, except the high priest, and that only day in the year. And that only after many sacrifices and washings. And that only with great reverence and fear, having these bells tied on the bottom of his coat and a rope tied around his foot, so that those outside of the veil would listen for these bells to be tinkling inside. And if they would stop, then they would pull the guy out by his foot, knowing that he went into the presence of God with some blemish an God smote him dead. And so the rope, so they could pull him out and wouldn't even have to go in to get him. God was unapproachable by man. Man's sin had alienated from God. God's hand was not short, His ear was not heavy, but sins had separated people and the veil represented that separation of the unrighteous man from God. But at the death of Christ the way was made by which man might come to God, and God ripped that veil from the top to the bottom, saying "Come, come, it's open!" The way is now made through Jesus Christ for you, for me, to be able to come directly to God.

(From C2000 series of Chuck Smith)

20 years ago, the wall of Berlin was broken down, torn.
Maybe some of you have seen the video of the moment on TV lately. I was watching one documentary program by Japanese TV company (for which I work). I couldn't help myself being reminded of this passage.

God made it possible for man like me, unrighteous, wicked and dishonest one to come before Him with Righteousness of Jesus so that I may enter in His temple, Heaven. Isn't glorious????

The tragedy of religion is that they teach people to work to get to the heaven. But, man's work is never enough to enable themselves to do so. We may Do, Work, Try hard, even Fight. But, how does it make you right enough to be in Heaven?
We have this confidence that by His grace which means something we never earn but given to us, God's undeserving favor to us, Jesus' work on the cross of Calvary and resurrection on third day, we can approach God and enter in eternal relationship with Holy God with the freedom from my sins.

He opened the door that leads to salvation for us. As Pastor Chuck said, He is saying to us "Come, come, it's open!!". God loves all the human being. God Loves you and me personally. He loves Ahmadinejad and Osama bin Laden.

Again, is Christianity exclusive? YES and NO!!! Why No? Because God Opened the Door to All the human being.

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