Jul 20, 2010

Faith Tested!!

So as many of you know, I have been reading a book called "Big God".
It is written by Britt Merrick, who is a pastor of Reality Carpinteria which is located in Southern California.
I have also been following him on twitter which is product of awesome internet technology God has given to us :)

well, in his book, he was sharing about how he and his family went through a difficult time with his daughter, Daisy's cancer.
And as I was checking my TL on my twitter, I found out that Daisy has beaten her cancer eventually and is going to go to Hawaii with her family.

It brought me such a joy. Because I was praying for her.

But, last week, I found another TL from Pastor Britt saying Daisy's cancer is back.
I couldn't find words to say. It was so shocking, so much!
Then my mind went through how her family is feeling like; just have finished long battle with cancer and celebrated and enjoyed the victory in Hawaii, but out of no where found out the cancer is back again.

I prayed for Daisy and her family.
Would you? here is the webpage you can check out.

I really think we need to grow in faith everyday. But we don't see how much we have grown often. But it is when the test comes that it is revealed how big our faith is.

I really encourage you to watch this video of Pastor Britt' last message.
I was so amazed how his faith is rooted in the Word and Who God is!
He has proven how "Big our God is" through his life.

I personally really loved his saying "When we are broken most, Jesus is beautiful most."

God bless

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