Sep 30, 2009

Gospel Driven Prayer

One of the things that God has been showing me is this,

"Gospel Driven Prayer"

While ago, I was in, what I call, "spiritual stagnation".
I did not notice it then, but, now, as I look back that period of time, I think I was in the situation.

Well, I guess nothing wrong was happening to me, such as idolatry or suck into the world stuff.
But, my sin was in my relationship with The Lord, Jesus.
Maybe, not keeping the right relationship with God itself is idolatry. But my point is this,
"I had some wrong idea on prayer".
I know I am told to pray to God constantly and always. I was also aware of the fact that prayer is like talking to God and having a communion with Him.

But, one thing I was missing. What was it? It was the motive for my prayer life.
While I was in Okinawa, Kevin, the Youth Leader @ CCOkinawa graciously gave me a opportunity to teach the youth there. It was during my preparation time for the message that the Lord showed me and convicted me through this....
That the motive of prayer should be The Gospel. My prayer so often is based on my feeling of duty, emotion, need or situation.....etc. The fact is that feeling and emotion, those things will always change. But The Gospel will Never Change.
The gospel shows me how mush God loves me and gives grace to me. And I am over and over overwhelmed by the fact.

I shared this with youth, my conviction is this
"The more I read Bible, Gospel and Word of God, the more sinful I find myself and the more need of God's help and grace I find that I have."

The Gospel always makes me into prayer. His amazing grace always encourages me to pray!
Let our Prayer driven by the gospel!!

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